So this Fall. Where to begin. We built a omnivorously sensing website for the OMA while refining the metadata on all their projects as well as updating our in-house content curation framework Sanity.

Front page OMA.EU at launch

Right after summer, Loop and their pelvic floor exerciser disrupted their our way out of our bleeding edge co-working decelerator after being acquired by the mammoth Canadian sex toy manufacturer Standard Innovation.

PK was away on possibly blissful paternal leave. We built a topical statistics portal on integration and immigration as an experiment in working for the government.

Simen redid the control software for next iteration of the Alta for closed loop control while Even was on a weeklong visit to The ACT at MIT – an historic early collider of art and technology.

ACT sitting comfortably inside the Wiesner Building

Simen’s Blackboard

We’re involved in 3 different research projects funded by the National Research and Arts Councils with HIOA, SINTEF and The Norwegian National Museum. This in addition to a steady stream of work for long term clients.

With design specification work on Vega in full swing and its year long production run beginning January 2016 next year is already looking pretty interesting. So we have been informally talking to people and luckily, Human Resources has been in touch with updates.

In January we will proudly be welcoming Jakob and Espen.

Espen Hovlandsdal is a passionate builder of web softwares, as attested by his many open source projects. He comes to us from Norway’s largest newspaper VG.

Espen Hovlandsdal

Jakob Bak has spent the last four years at (CIID)’s research unit developing projects within the field of interaction design and education. He is a member of the Copenhagen based art and technology collective Science Friction and an avid DIY synthesizer enthusiast.

Jakob Bak

Can’t wait to have you both here!