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2014 - ongoing

A Content Management System must provide great expressive power. As it is used by non-technical people performing highly critical tasks, it needs to be incredibly simple. The challenge is finding the perfect balancing point where every bit of complexity extends naturally from the needs of the organization it serves.

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Most CMS’s are convoluted, do-everything beasts. You need to mod, hack and strip it down to something that kind of makes sense, then throw plug-ins at it until you reach compliance. The result is an excess of complexity. This is the reason you hate your CMS.

With Sanity you start with a clean slate and focus your resources on bringing together exactly the CMS you need from a comprehensive parts kit. Sanity is a CMS construction kit.


  • Reusable structured knowledge - Separating content from presentation has been a priority when building our toolkit to favor content reusability. Sanity is about content curation and organizing content into objects of knowledge and dispensing these in a manner independent of presentation mode and technology. Whatever makes sense to the organisation at any given point in time – be it web-pages, books, set-top-box-interfaces or mobile apps. Wherever you need your content, Sanity will deliver.

  • Composable - The components of Sanity are independent, composable and built to meld into data service ecologies. Full API coverage lets it happily chat with your product information-, asset-, HR- or any other management system you may have.

  • Technology agnostic - Sanity is built to give you full freedom with regards to the technological choices of your enterprise.

Use Sanity to maintain your content in a future-proof, technology-independent manner that is obvious to editors, delightful for developers and an optimal fit for the organization.

Key Features

Optimization and efficiency

  • Stop making web pages - leverage curated structured data across contexts
  • Surface and leverage enterprise data
  • Leverages existing technological know-how
  • Build from scratch or on existing
  • Plug into existing workflows

Simple and obvious

  • No general purpose cruft
  • No training required

Rich and flexible

  • Model relationships, lists, reusable compound objects
  • Full API coverage as no-fuss JSON over HTTP
  • Quickly prototype schemas in collaboration with editors
  • Responsive, multi-platform image handling
  • Build front ends in language of your choice
  • CMS ships as NPM module – extend with your own widgets in Javascript


Sanity has been operational for close to two years already! Check out some of our clients:

Sanity as Content Management System (CMS)

  • OMA – a leading international partnership practicing architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis

  • The Labour Party – Norway's largest political party uses Sanity as a CMS for all their local chapters

Sanity as Content Curation System

  • Amedia, Norway’s largest publisher of local media titles - uses Sanity as a data curation system to manage reader contributions

  • TV2 - Sanity is being used as a data curation tool by Norway's largest commercial broadcaster system to manage a national music contest

We're really happy about Sanity and so are our clients. They appreciate its ease of use and the effort saved in quickly getting projects off the ground.

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