National competition



Competitions held

2012, 2013

Bandwagon is an annual national music competition for budding artists.

It's a staged competition that starts with local newspapers reaching out to bands. Bands tip off their fans through social media to vote for them on the site. Local competitions are held and winners are promoted on to regional and national finals. In 2012 – 720 artists contributed 1742 songs.

We're really happy about what Bandwagon is doing and how it delivers on its premise. It's a social activity system that works as advertised. It delivers a younger demo to local media, content to newspapers, attention and streaming revenue back to local bands and a significant reward for the winner.

Technically it's a single page javascript application. It's responsive to different screen sizes and built with mobile in mind. Bandwagon integrates seamlessly into the publishing infrastructure of 70 newspapers – keeping users on familiar domains with appropriate branding.

Heading photo courtesy of Asbjørn Risbakken (Oppland Arbeiderblad). The proud winners of the 10k check are «Billy the Fox».

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