Thomas Drevon


In 1998, Thomas wrote a masters degree in behavioural ecology, specifically on the mating behaviour of the Pied Flycatcher. From there, his career has become ever more obscure and he is currently busy flipping bits inside computers in order to make them behave in a fashion which is useful to humans.

In between being a dad and creating software, Thomas craves adventure. Off-piste snowboarding, sailing, diving, travelling, role-playing games and un-realistic fiction are among the things that satisfy.

With his interests and passions spread across so many subjects, Thomas has reluctantly acknowledged that true mastery within a single, narrow subject cannot be his goal in life. On the other hand, being a utilitarian jack-of-all-trades makes Thomas a valuable and enthusiastic addition to any team setting out to increase overall happiness!

Other random features, roll 1d8:

  1. Rock & tree climber.
  2. Bike hugger.
  3. Has escaped death by lava - the volcano in question erupted barely two hours later.
  4. Certified Microsoft IIS professional (please keep this a secret).
  5. Wanna-be cartographer.
  6. Inventor of the danglony.
  7. Has traveled by land across the Soviet Union without a valid visa.
  8. Enjoys the faint click made by a lock successfully picked.